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The Urayasu Sun Hotel handles all personal information provided by users as follows.

Personal Information

In accordance with Article 6 of the Hotel and Ryokan Management Law, the Urayasu Sun Hotel (hereafter, "the Hotel") gathers from customers personal information necessary to facilitate lodging (name, address, occupation, etc.).

Purpose of Personal Information Usage

The Hotel uses personal information received from customers to communicate and make notifications regarding hotel usage.

Regarding Items Left Behind by Guests

As a general rule related to communication and notifications regarding hotel usage, the Hotel does not contact guests who have forgotten or otherwise left an item(s) behind at the hotel.
However, if a staff member determines that the item(s) left behind is clearly something of urgent importance to the guest, the Hotel may contact the guest.
(For example, if a return-trip airline ticket or other such important item is found and staff determine that it is possible to immediately contact the customer or an accompanying traveler.)

Protection of Personal Information from Online Reservations

The Urayasu Sun Hotel accepts reservations via the Internet.
Toward this end, we use the Reserve Gate system for handling online reservations.
Our system has been confirmed by Victory Internet Communications Co., Ltd.
We use SSL protocols to encrypt data for sending.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Upon request from an applicable government official or other public employee, we may disclose some or all of the personal information described above to said government official or public employee in accordance with Article 6 of the Hotel and Ryokan Management Law.